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Established in 1972, Arunachal Bhawan was inaugurated on 21st September 1978 by the then Lt. Governor of erstwhile NEFA, Shri K.A.A.Raja, as an official representative of the then Union Territory at New Delhi, the Centre of power. It was a medium to strengthen the federal structure of the nation.

Later, with Arunachal Pradesh gaining statehood, the new block of Arunachal Bhawan was added.

Arunachal Bhawan mainly catered to politicians, government officers and officials to facilitate their meetings and trainings here in New Delhi. The administration here acts as a liaison office between the Centre and the State. It functions as a coordinating agency between the Centre and the different departments of the State.

With years, the population of the state grew and the number of Arunachalees coming to Delhi for different reasons also increased. Bhawan offered them a chance to stay at home away from home at minimal price and also looked into any of their grievances and difficulties that they might face here in Delhi, mainly patients and students.

As such, a need was felt to increase the intake capacity as the existing Bhawan could not accommodate the number of people pouring in. On 5th November 2005, Arunachal House, another wing of Bhawan, was inaugurated.

Today Arunachal Bhawan juggles many roles. Along with its initial job of liasoning, it fulfills the protocol requirements of the State Government at New Delhi. It also acts as the point of contact for all Arunachalees living in New Delhi.