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Festivals are an important part of the socio-culture life of the people. Since the majority of the economy of the tribal population depends on agriculture, the festivals are themed around that, either to appease the gods or to thank the deities for a good harvest. The festivals are marked by elaborate rituals and dances.
Some of the major festivals celebrated are:

1 Si Donyi Tagin 6th January
2 Sarok Aka 11th January
3 Reh Idu Mishmi 1st February
4 Donggin Bori 2nd February
5 Boori Boot Nyishi 6th February
6 Shapwang Yaung Manawpoi Singpho 14th February
7 Tam Ladu Digaru Mishmi 15th February
8 Oriah Wancho 16th February
9 Nyokum Nyishi 26th February
10 Losar Monpa February/March
11 Janglam Pumklam Tangsa 14th March
12 Mopin Galo 5th April
13 Sangken Khampti/Singpho 14th April
14 Moh Mol Tangsa 25th April
15 Dree Apatani 5th July
16 Solung Adi 1st September
17 Chindang Miji 15th October
18 Chalo Loku Nocte 25th November
19 Khikshaba Sherdukpen Date to be fixed by DC